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Apparently, I'm Supposed to Get Angry at Robbie Savage

Robbie watches the hits on his video go up.
Robbie watches the hits on his video go up.

Earlier today, in some video put out by the BBC creatively named "Savage Says", former Wales and Scum player, and general irritation Robbie Savage tipped Aston Villa to go down. (I wouldn't know, I didn't watch, didn't want to give him another view.) This set off much anger around the Aston Villa Twitter community.

And, yes it is a stupid comment. Villa did flirt with going down last season, but they now have an actual manager, and not a weird ginger guy who just stands on the sidelines. And a reasonable person would agree that they've strengthened the squad. But Robbie Savage isn't reasonable.

He was known throughout his career as a annoying douche. (Ask Dion Dublin.) And he isn't going to change that reputation now. Why should he? It's gotten him a job on the BBC. He wouldn't be doing this punditry if he was just generic Leicester, Birmingham, Derby player. He's been able to get a punditry job this early on because of the love him/hate him personality he's created for himself. I mean seriously Google image search him. The man has been genetically engineered to annoy people.

Plus, if he's wrong, no one's going to remember. The season goes on for nine months, I very much doubt that someone's going to keep a link to that video and taunt him when Villa stay up. (And if you do, seriously, you're weird.)

So please everyone, save your indignation for the media people that actually deserve it. (Sup, Paul Hayward.) Robbie Savage is annoying, but don't act like you didn't know that already.