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Capital One Cup (League Cup) Draw - Aston Villa to Face Tranmere in Second Round

I hadn't realized that they'd changed the name of the League Cup yet again. No longer do we have the Carling Cup, now Villa will be competing to bring home the Capital One Cup. (Slogan: What's in your trophy case?) I fully expect the final to be a contest of not-as-evil-as-you-anticipate Vikings against the smug charm of Alec Bladwin. The Vikings will, of course, lose after Baldwin buys off the refs in keeping with his life's one mantra: ABC. Always. Be. Colluding.

Anyhow, I bring this all up as a way of letting you know that Villa have been drawn for the second round of the Capital One Cup, and they will be taking on Tranmere Rovers at Villa Park (more like League One Cup, amirite?). This is a rematch of what the official site calls an "epic semi-final victory over Tranmere on the way to lifting the trophy in 1994." I was 8 at that point and cannot verify whether or not the match was indeed epic, but I suggest that all fans in attendance be sure to rub in the 18-year-old victory to Tranmere supporters and players.

I'm pretty sure an exact date has yet to be set, but in the words of the OS, "Villa's game against Tranmere is set to take place in the week commencing August 27." Good enough. Mark your calendars, as Villa are on the road to hardware.