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Shay Given Retires...From Republic Of Ireland

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Deep breaths, everyone. Shay Given hasn't retired from football, he's only retired from his national side. Sure, Brad Guzan is back and doing well, but I don't think any of us want to depend on Andy Marshall as our backup keeper*. So Ireland are screwed, but Aston Villa can rest easy.

Given's performance in Euro 2012 may have not been, how shall we put it...good. But the man was coming off injury and he had Richard Dunne in front of him -- there's only so much you can expect from that combination. Shay is still an icon for his country, having earned 125 caps for the boys in green, the most ever for Ireland. He's been goalkeeping for Ireland since 1996, which is undeniably impressive. Even more impressive? He gives any money he earns for international play to charity.

We salute you, Shay, and wish you a healthy season with the Villa.

*This is a lie. Robert does.