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Marc Albrighton to Miss 6-8 Weeks With Foot Injury

Someone must have stepped on his foot.
Someone must have stepped on his foot.

We knew that Marc Albrighton was going to miss the beginning of the season due to a foot injury, but the Official Site is now confirming that the winger will be out for six to eight weeks. He broke a metatarsal (fancy term for the bones that make up the bulk of your foot) and is now (presumably) hobbling about in a protective boot. The 22-year-old is coming off a down season, but he's still young enough that most fans haven't given up on him yet. This is unquestionably a blow to an already injury-riddled Aston Villa squad who have some depth issues. Luckily, if there is one area Villa have some break-in-case-of-emergency players, it's the midfield.

Add this to Gabriel Agbonlahor being out for a month and Richard Dunne being sidelined four about six weeks, though, and things are looking a bit dire. As Aaron has said before, hopefully this just means that the team is getting its injuries out of the way early this season. Unfortunately, that type of thinking is just another example of the Gambler's Fallacy.

But hey, we've all gotten used to lying to ourselves over the past couple of seasons (how else could we convince ourselves this team was worth watching last year?), so what's a little more on top? Let's just hope that tomorrow's pre-season finale is injury free.