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Matthew Lowton Is Now An Aston Villa Player

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Boy, Paul Lambert really isn't interested in wasting time, is he? Just hours after a report broke that Lambert and his lions were interested in adding Sheffield United right back Matthew Lowton to the pride the Birmingham Mail confirms that it is a done deal. The transfer fee is said to be around 3 million pounds which isn't a hefty by any means but as friend of the blog Mat Kendrick states in his piece, does make one wonder about the future of Alan Hutton. As I said yesterday, I'm more than happy to roll with Lichaj and Lowton pushing each other for playing time.

I can't help but notice that some fans are getting a little carried away wondering if Lowton is a Kyle Walker type right back and while Lowton does have 10 career goals with Sheffield United, Kyle Walker is still a couple of years younger and much more decorated in terms of Premier League experience. We've seen what Kyle Walker can do in the attack and at times it's almost jaw dropping. Let's give Lowton time to prove himself and make his own way instead of comparing him to a guy we loaned, loved and lost.

That being said Aston Villa has now added Lowton, Brett Holman and Karim El Ahmadi and looks to be near to re-signing Brad Guzan who is supposedly set to compete for a lot more playing time. Lambert seems to be looking at add at least another midfielder and the status of Jean Makoun seems to be up in the air. We also don't know if the club plans to sell anyone. There are a lot of stories to look out for over the next couple of weeks before our heroes travel to the United States for a trio of friendlies. So far it's been a nice little summer.