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It's Official: Carlos Cuellar Lands At Sunderland

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According to one of our sister SBN sites, Roker Report (and likely many other places too, but I'm a bit out of the loop sometimes) Carlos Cuellar has officially signed for Sunderland on a two-year deal. Of course, this doesn't really do anything for us at Aston Villa besides get rid of some wages, but it's newsworthy because most of us really took King Carlos into our hearts.

Cuellar is not the best of defenders, but he's certainly not the worst, particularly not with what the Villa have dealt with at both centre and right back. More than that, though, I think he's one of those players that people love simply for his attitude about life. He loved football and he loved Villa, and that made supporters love him.

King Carlos, we wish you all the best at Sunderland. May your reunion with Martin O'Neill go smoothly and may you stay healthy. Oh, and can you ask him if he'll take a few more of these dimwits he's signed away to the Stadium of Light?