Aston Villa Preseason Fixture List

We here at 7500 to Holte have decided to put up a nice, easy to find preason fixture list, so that all of those wishing to have our RDA of Aston Villa can quickly find when the games are. All matches are noted in UK time -- I trust if you're a football fan anywhere else, you've learned your time zone math by now.

Saturday July 14 : Burton Albion, 3pm
Wednesday July 18: Boldmere St Michaels (Reserve Team Fixture), 7.30pm
Wednesday July 18: Philadelphia Union, 12.30am
Saturday July 21: Chicago Fire, 1.30am UK
Tuesday July 24: Worcester City (Reserve Team Fixture), 7.45pm
Tuesday July 24: Portland Timbers, 4am
Saturday July 28: Chester (Reserve Team Fixture), 3pm
Wednesday August 1: Peterborough United, 7.45pm
Saturday August 4: Nottingham Forest, 3pm
Saturday August 9: Evesham United (Reserve Team Fixture), 7.30pm
Saturday August 11: Werder Bremen, 5pm

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