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New Aston Villa Home And Away Kits Officially Revealed

In a move that marks a bit of a departure from the way they've done things the past few years, Aston Villa has revealed their new, 2012 home and away kits on their official site ahead of this weekend's official launch. This puts to end months and months of mock-ups, "leaks", glimpses and speculation. Now all that's left is the emphatic praise/moaning about this being greatest/most embarrassing kit in Premier League history and how thankful/mournful we should all be to have dropped Nike and switched to Macron.

See the new kit here.

2012-13 Home Kit
We've had a decent idea of how this was going to look for a few days now, and the official unveiling did not bring along with it any major surprises. I, personally, am a very big fan; I love collars on kits, so that's a big plus right off the bat. I greatly prefer the distinction between the middle claret section and the blue sleeves as opposed to the blue bleeding over into the shoulders. The yellow detailing around the bottom is a bit different, but I think it works. I don't love the white shorts, but I'm guessing we'll be wearing the black ones a lot in any case. All in all it's a very classy but nonetheless stylish and modern look, and it's easily my favorite of the post-ACORNS era.

2012-13 Away Kit
As anyone that is familiar with my love of the stylings of my other club of choice would know, I like obnoxious kits. I also like classy kits like the more traditional 2012 Villa home. I don't much care for anything in between. This is most definitely not classy and it's hard to argue that it falls in between. It's loud, tacky, and hideous. I love it.

2012-13 Keeper Kit

It's green. It doesn't have tiger stripes. I like to old one a lot better, but it's okay I guess. It's also a keeper kit, so I don't care all that much. Only the truly hideous or the truly gorgeous are worth getting worked up over.