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Peter Withe Could Be The Manager of Your Second Team

This morning I noticed a tweet from Mat Kendrick of the Birmingham Mail suggesting a second team for Aston Villa fans. Since I'm a glutton for punishment for even more sports teams, I clicked. Apparently Peter Withe - Villa legend extraordinaire - is the manager of Stockport Sports F. C., a club in the North West Counties Football League Premier Division. For those of you who don't have your English football pyramid memorized (for shame!), that's the 9th tier of league football.

Withe took over management of the club in April, and many details are sparse. Their official website has only two players listed, and the schedule only covers preseason matches thus far. But you know what might be interesting? Stockport are "awaiting confirmation from... an EPL team" for a pre-season friendly. Given Withe's close ties to Aston Villa, would it surprise anyone if that team were AVFC?

Stockport - who were, until last month, Woodley FC - were relegated last season not for on-the-pitch issues, but rather for pitch issues. Apparently they broke several rules regarding the grading of their pitch and cannot hope for promotion until the 2013-14 season at the earliest. This, obviously, means that Withe is in a tough situation. The club likely does not have a lot of money, nor do they have much of a staff. At this point, it seems as if the club is essentially brand new, which means starting in the 9th tier may be tough.

If the idea of supporting Peter Withe's team appeals to you, you can watch all of their home matches for only 10 pounds a month. If the idea of supporting Peter Withe's team really appeals to you, you could apply to become their new kit manager or one of many student physios! And if you really want to support them and have some football talent, you can try out for the squad!

Right now it doesn't look like you can purchase an official kit, but you can purchase a "team shirt" signed by Withe for only 50 pounds! If you're looking for a second team (or a third, fourth, fifth, or thirtieth [Kirsten...]) it seems like Stockport Sports F. C. would be a lot of fun. You get lower-level football bundled with the joy of supporting one of the greatest Villans of all time. Up the Saxons!