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Can't Aston Villa Do Better Than Grant Holt?

You can do better than me. I am old.
You can do better than me. I am old.

I think I've reached the point where I've had just about enough of the hypocritical Villa fans that litter my Twitter timeline. They claim Aston Villa to be this huge club - even as recently as yesterday, people I like and respect were arguing that Villa is a bigger club than Manchester City because Villa has more trophies over their six-thousand year history than City. You know that the Cubs have more World Series titles than the Texas Rangers, right? Which team would you rather play for right now?

The fan arguments about Paul Lambert coming here were based on him leaving a minnow like Norwich to come to a sleeping giant like Villa and the first thing anyone asks is, "Are we gonna get Holt too? Boy him and Bent would be a great strike team."

What is this archaic thinking? So we're a big enough club to poach a manager who is probably using Villa as his hopeful stepping stone to get to Liverpool or Arsenal or a Manchester club someday but we're not big enough to aim higher than Grant "He's Fucking MY AGE" Holt? I get it - he had a nice year. Good times. But can't we hope for better? Maybe given the current financial status we can't - but I can guarantee the money it would take to get Holt could be maximized elsewhere.

Yes, Aston Villa needs forward depth badly. I think Villa needs to go after a much more dynamic player than Grant Holt. The last thing I want to see is Villa become the English national team in club form.

I would also say I'm desperate for better fullbacks but since they aren't plentiful - I'm not sure that's an upgrade that's going to happen. Will Alan Hutton realistically go? No, probably not. But perhaps he can be displaced with some good competition. That's my hope. Maybe, if Lambert is savvy enough, he can dip into the foreign markets (I believe the Norwich board may have had some restrictions on international scouting explaining his eagerness to sign English players first and foremost) and find some inexpensive fullbacks with at least some speed. Some high risk guys that can compete for a spot in the team over time. I saw Newcastle linked with right back Mathieu Debuchyfrom Lille. Yes, he's 26 but how much is he going to cost? 5-7 million? Can we really not afford him? He'd be fantastic. Let's not spend that money on Grant Holt.