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Aston Villa Players' Frustration Leaks Out, Explodes Into Brawl

Of course this would happen. Of course it would. Chris Herd, James Collins, and Fabian Delph were all involved in a brawl at a Birmingham nightclub on Tuesday night, just hours after the players' awards dinner. Perhaps there was some lingering frustration? Did Herd feel he was better than Andreas Weimann, more deserving of Young Player of the Year? Did Collins want the supporters award? Did Delph expect some sort of gong for "Player most likely to be injured by a blade of grass"?

Or perhaps it was just the drink. Whatever the reason, the boys got themselves in a nasty incident at the club, although this video doesn't quite show the target of their rage. It almost appears that Herd is lashing out at a glass door. It's quite possible that the door taunted him with chants of "You're going down."

Whatever the reason, the players have now been fined, and the proceeds will go toward charity. Which is all fine and dandy, but maybe we should start a fund for purchasing players that could hold their drink? Barry Bannan's fine, Collins' and Richard Dunne's from last season, now this one...we could afford a proper star.

Let's just hope that Herd and Collins are not punished by McLeish and forced to sit out the Tottenham game. I'm not entirely sure we have enough fit players left to cope with silly punishments.