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Lambert Larks: Jokes About Villa's Possible New Manager

See? He thinks they're funny.
See? He thinks they're funny.

Well, seeing as Paul Lambert is likely headed to Villa, it's time for me to start cracking wise about our maybe, possibly, soon-to-be manager. I did a different style of this when we hired Gerard Houllier, and didn't with Alex McLeish. I think it's clear to see that if I lampoon the new gaffer, Villa will do pretty well, and if I don't Villa will be terrible.

So, in the name of public service, allow me to present the worst Paul Lambert jokes I could think of. Feel free to throw virtual tomatoes in the comments.

  • Hopefully Villa can overcome the historical problems of the lions laying with the Lambert!
  • I'm glad Lambert resigned his position with Norwich City, putting a canary in this coalmine would be disastrous!
  • I hear that Norwich City fans were ap-Paul-ed at Lamberts departure! (Thanks for that one, Gareth!)
  • Don't let Lambert cast a Paul over the season. Things are looking up for Villa!
  • Let's hope the purple snake doesn't get to him!

  • Considering Villa's recent history with managers, let's hope that Paul isn't on the Lambert come next May!
  • Paul Lambert jokes? More like Paul Lame-bert jokes.

Let's hear your best in the comments. They can't be worse than these.