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Aston Villa Bids Farewell: Ebby Nelson-Addy

Bye, Ebby.
Bye, Ebby.

You probably don't know who Ebby Nelson-Addy is. He never made a first team appearance at Villa. And to the great sadness of a few of us, he probably never will.

Even on the reserves team, he was by no means a regular. He made only 11 appearances over 2 seasons, in most of which, he was brought off the bench. It doesn't make a ton of sense why a send off would be written for Ebby.

But to me and others, he will always be known as The Chimney Sweep (2).

"The Chimney Sweep" was a name first given to Ellis Deeney in a fan post I wrote almost a year ago. I gave him this name, because "Ellis Deeney" could easily be the name of a 19th century chimney sweep. However, as soon I wrote this, Deeney would leave the club and go to Kettering Town, who occupy(-ied, they got relegated) the Conference, 5th division of English football.

(Ellis Deeney made 3 appearances for Kettering Town, the last of which was a 7-1 loss to York City. From there, he would go to Hinckley United, where he would leave on a free. He did not last very long there and now appears to be at Worcester City, in the 6th divison. Ouch.)

After TCS1 left, it was decided that the Chimney Sweep name could be passed on and a new Chimney Sweep was needed. Ebby Nelson-Addy was chosen, with the hope that the 19 year old would someday play for the first team. Oops. Ebby was included with the recent Villa releases You may have skipped his name considering Cuellar, Guzan, and Heskey were also released that day.

Thankfully for Ebby, he was recently on trial with St. Johnstone of the Scottish Premier League, so I'm sure he'll land on his feet somewhere. (The SPL is slightly better than the 6th division in England, but I do only mean slightly.)

So now once again Villa are without a Chimney Sweep. But thankfully the Villa reserves and academy never dissapoint with names that could easily be those of Dickens characters. And I would now like to announce that Chimney Sweep 3 will be Oliver Stevenson.

But this post is about Ebby. And I will miss him. At the very least follow him on Twitter. His Twitter is about what you'd expect from a 19 year old athlete, but still, he's The Chimney Sweep, and he always will be.

The send-offs will continue tomorrow with Carlos Cuellar.