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Champions League Final 2012, Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich: Open Match Thread


Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich

Saturday, May 20th

Location: Allianz Arena



Well, it's here. This game pretty much signals the end of the European football season (though Ligue 1 is still going, and it's totally insane and amazing.) Once this one is past all eyes will turn to the Euros, which are awesome but not exactly the same. I'm lucky enough to have an MLS team that I love (and, more importantly, and MLS team that loves me back) so I won't be deprived of football in the ensuing months, but this is still a bittersweet day. On the one hand, the Champions League final is always an occasion, and I'm very much looking forward to this game. On the other hand, this weekend marks the end of my dragging myself out of bed far earlier than I'd prefer after a night of staying up far too late and drinking far too much beer, making myself an unhealthy breakfast and settling in for an entire 48 hours of staring at a screen, watching grown men kick a ball. It's probably good that this isn't something that happens all year 'round, but I''m still sad to see it go.