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Aston Villa Owner Randy Lerner In Norway; Talks With Solskjær To Continue

In what has to be one of the fastest moving stories I can recall, a man that no one had on Aston Villa's shortlist until late last night, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, could be poised to become the next manager at Aston Villa. Just around lunchtime, the staff of 7500 to Holte was discussing the merits of messing around with the whereabouts of Villa owner Randy Lerner's private jet. It turns out, thanks to one of Norway's major online news sites, Dagbladet, that Lerner actually is in Kristiansund and has plans to speak with the current Molde manager and former Manchester United star about the Villa job.

To add to the speculation we have a mysterious report that was originally published by the Guardian and then taken back down only to be promised to be reposted at some point tonight. I was personally skeptical because this is the weekend during which most Norwegians are celebrating their independence. It's a massive holiday for the country. Not to mention Solskjær's current club, Molde, has a match this coming up this Sunday for which they must prepare.

And yet here we are, on the verge of hiring an unknown managerial entity who has one of the most sparkling resume's that any football player could possibly boast and who, in limited time as manager, led his original club to their first league title in 100 years. If you're not excited about this possibility I full understand. This is a big time risk and nobody could have seen this coming. The swiftness of this move leads me to believe that Lerner and Co. have been eyeing their man for quite some time now and somehow managed to keep it completely under wraps. This time let's hope they brought enough to convince Solskjær to come aboard.