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Norwich City vs. Aston Villa, Match Review: Villa Lose, Season's Over, Let's All Get Drunk

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So apparently Aston Villa played a game today, and apparently they lost thanks to goals from Grant Holt and Simeon Jackson. And now the worst Aston Villa season in over twenty years has drawn to a close. And we still never managed to score from a damned corner.

Alex McLeish is still the manager as of now, and we're probably not going to know whether that will be true next season until sometime later this week. After that we can start to worry about transfer targets and/or managerial appointments. That stuff is usually awful, but it will be a whole hell of a lot better than this season. One way or another, next year will be better. Even if McLeish stays, he'll have a bit of money to spend. Only the most determined and cynical think McLeish is so bad that he'll get Villa relegated no matter what. The manager was a huge problem this season and I hope he goes, but the squad he had to work with was largely a disaster.

Anyways, I'm glad that's over. I watched the game, but nothing at all interesting happened and I don't really think it's worth spending a lot of time writing about. I'm glad I live in a time where I was able to watch Manchester City do the ridiculous thing they did, and I'm sad that I saw Bolton get totally cheated out of their place in the league thanks to a questionable call and an absolutely horrendous call. Football is great, football is terrible, I love Aston Villa but right now I don't like them very much. It's a good time for the season to end.