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Aston Villa Survivor: Cast Your Votes For Round 2

Our Austrian has been granted immunity.
Our Austrian has been granted immunity.

Last week, 7500 to Holte introduced a fun little game known as "Aston Villa Survivor." For details on how the game will progress through the end of the season and into the summer, click here.

Now, when some of us created this game, we, um, sorta forgot that there would be two rounds of matches before the next elimination. The rules for this week were simple: eliminate a player from the tribe which scored the fewest number of goals against Liverpool. Turns out, the only goalscorer against the Reds was Chris Herd, who I somehow managed to grant immunity to already. Perhaps due to the accent?

So on to the match against Stoke City. If you don't already know about Andreas Weimann's wondergoal, well, what are you doing on this site? If we are playing by the rules already created, that would leave the Trinity Tribe with immunity. But my game, my rules. With two matches gone in this Survivor Round, it's double elimination time. One from each tribe, please. Andi has immunity -- but why would you want to kick him off the squad, anyway?

Please put your suggestions for elimination -- and reasons -- in the comments.

The Ellis Tribe

Emile Heskey

Stephen Warnock

Alan Hutton

Darren Bent

James Collins

Richard Dunne

Charles N'Zogbia

Eric Lichaj

The Trinity Tribe

Gabby Agbonlahor

Barry Bannan

Marc Albrighton

Gary Gardner

Carlos Cuellar

Ciaran Clark

Stephen Ireland

Andreas Weimann