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Scoreboard Watching: Open Match Thread for Wednesday's EPL Matches

I certainly don't have to tell anyone that Villa are on the edges of a relegation battle. In all likelihood, the club is safe from the Championship, but it never hurts to see those below us in the table lose a game. If you're in the mood to cheer for the misfortune of others, have I got good news for you! Three of the bottom four teams in the Premiership are in action today, and two of the three are likely to lose badly to some very good clubs. With that in mind, use this as your scoreboard watching open match thread. I've put the details below (for all matches, including Man City and West Brom, because why not?) with the barest of analyses. I won't have lineups here because there's no way I'll get the chance to update just before these matches go live.


Manchester City vs. West Bromwich Albion

Wednesday, April 11th

Location: Etihad Stadium

Records + Form (W-D-L, Points, +/-, Form)

Manchester City: 22-5-5, 71, 49, 2nd, L-D-D-W-L

West Brom: 11-6-15, 39, -4, 13th, W-L-L-D-L


Bare-bones analysis: City are likely out of the race for first, and WBA have hardly anything to play for. While City insist that they will keep playing their hardest, I imagine this is a snooze-fest.

SBN Blogs: Manchester City (Bitter and Blue)


Wigan Athletic vs. Manchester United

Wednesday, April 11th

Location: DW Stadium

Records + Form (W-D-L, Points, +/-, Form)

Wigan: 6-10-16, 28, -27, 19th, L-W-W-D-D

Manchester United: 25-4-3, 79, 51, 1st, W-W-W-W-W


Bare-bones analysis: It says something about how poorly Wigan began their season that they have gained 2 points on us in the last five matches and yet are still seven behind. When I began writing this pithy note, I did not realize that Villa had gotten six points in their last five matches. I assumed it was maybe three. This point was much more impressive then.

SBN Blogs: Wigan (Pie Eaters Footie); Manchester United (The Busby Babe)


Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Arsenal

Wednesday, April 11th

Location: Molineux

Records + Form (W-D-L, Points, +/-, Form)

Wolves: 5-7-20, 22, -36, 20th, L-L-L-L-L

Arsenal: 19-4-9, 61, 22, 3rd, W-L-W-W-W


Bare-bones analysis: Arsenal are likely to take all three point here, and in doing so will make their hold on third place (and thus automatic entry to the group stages of Champions League place) more firm. Wolves would be divinely lucky to get a point, but even then it wouldn't really matter. They've got no chance of survival.

SBN Blogs: Arsenal (The Short Fuse)


Queens Park Rangers vs. Swansea City

Wednesday, April 11th

Location: Loftus Road

Records + Form (W-D-L, Points, +/-, Form)

QPR: 7-7-18, 28, -21, 17th, L-W-L-W-L

Swansea: 10-9-13, 39, -6, 14th, L-L-L-W-W


Bare-bones analysis: This very well may be the most interesting match of the day. I, for one, love the fact that Swansea are going to be staying up when no one gave them much of a chance headed into the season.

So join in below. We'll all hop in as we can. It should be a fun day of action around the league!