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Future McLeish Jobs

Alex would definitely leave to start a Disco revival group.
Alex would definitely leave to start a Disco revival group.

I think it's become quite clear to everyone that Alex McLeish won't be leaving us for a while. He does not want to quit, and we have no plans to fire him. So this means that the only way to get rid of him, would be for him to find another job. So perhaps with some suggestions we can find something that Non-Sir would enjoy doing, and we can get him as far away from our club as possible.

Here goes:

  • Chelsea Manager
  • Rangers Man....oh wait
  • Traveling Ginger Boring Football Manager Comedy duo with Gary Megson
  • Traveling Ventriloquism Act (Alan Hutton is the dummy)
  • Helicopter Pilot (Seeing as he likes things in the air. Eh, eh? Get it everyone?)
  • Scotland Man...oh wait
  • Professional Darts Player
  • Bathroom Attendant
  • Alex Ferguson's Assistant (Not his Assistant Manager, his personal assistant)
  • Consultant on the new Football Manager game, where he creates Ask Alex!: a feature where you can Ask Alex advice on what do about tactics and he tells you to buy Alan Hutton
  • Starring in a remake of The Odd Couple with Andre Villas-Boas
  • Deadpan Stand Up Comedian (So deadpan in fact, that no one gets it)
  • Manager of a McDonald's franchise, where even the awkward 16 year olds who have to sweep the parking lot call him Ronald
  • Mascot of Ray's Burgers, which is a bear, named Cheesy, for some reason, and is really creepy looking, most likely this:
  • Cute-bear-costume_medium
    (Random note: the URL of that picture says it's a "Cute Bear Costume". No, just no.)

  • Frank Sinatra tribute act
  • Michael Jackson tribute act
  • Chumbawamba tribute act
  • Celtic Man...oh wait
  • New Lead Detective on Law and Order: SVU
  • Role as a Prostitute on Law and Order: SVU
  • Birmingham City man...oh wait