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19th Minute Tribute To Stiliyan Petrov During Match Against Chelsea

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Aston Villa fans are planning a tribute to Stiliyan Petrov during the 19th minute of Saturday's match against Chelsea. The news that the captain has been diagnosed with acute leukemia has thrown all of us Villa fans into a bit of a turmoil, and this is one way to say thank you. Any and all supporters at Villa Park today are meant to stand up and applaud, paying tribute to our #19.

Petrov may be frustrating at times, but there's no denying that he cares for his Aston Villa. He's worked hard to maintain his starting role, in danger at the beginning of the season, and managed to be one of the most consistent players in this turbulent time. To read about how he was struggling to get back to match fitness for the Chelsea match, and then to know this diagnosis, makes the heart ache.

For those of us who cannot attend the match, please, stand and clap extra loudly for our captain.