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Aston Villa Interested In Dutch Striker Bas Dost

According to Dutch football site Voetbal Primeur, Aston Villa have expressed interest in Bas Dost, the top scorer in the Eredivisie. The Heerenveen striker has scored 23 times thus far this season.

While Sky Sports states that Dost said "Aston Villa is a club I don't know very well, but they look good," I think the translation from google might be closer to the truth: "I know Aston Villa as a club is not very good, but it all looks good." Dost also confirmed that he has spoken with his agent about Villa's interest, but there will be no contact until after the season is finished.

I wish I had lots of information to pass on about Dost, but I'm afraid I don't pay that much attention to the Eredivisie. What I know is that it would be awesome to have a Bas and a Bazza on the same team. Other than that, well...he's a Dutch Under-21 international. If you're a fan of the voetbal and know more about Dost, please, fill us in!