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Darren Bent Stretchered Off With Injury

Darren Bent had to be stretchered off and withdrawn from Aston Villa's game against Wigan after landing awkwardly and suffered what appears to have been an ankle-or possibly achilles-injury. Bent went airborne after a 50/50 challenge with a Wigan player and his left boot caught in the turf, twisting his ankle in what appeared to be a severe fashion. After attempting to stand up and walk off under his own power, Bent collapsed back to the pitch and the stretcher was summoned.

There's as of yet been no word on the exact nature or severity of the injury, but from my (quite admittedly ill-informed) observation I would not be surprised if Bent suffered some significant ligament damage. Again, I stress that this is based on nothing but my observations, but I've seen those injuries occur in the past and they looked quite similar. Based only on seeing the way his lower leg moved and the severe pain he appeared to be in, I would not be the least bit surprised if he is out for the remainder of the season.

Obviously, we have to hope this isn't true. I've seen injuries that looked horrifying that ended up being not especially serious. But until there's official word, Villa fans have pretty much every right to start freaking out. The rest of the season without Darren Bent is a pretty terrifying prospect.