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Hey Wigan, Don't Get My Hopes Up

It's a lazy Saturday morning, and I'm keeping my eye on the Twitters as I wait for Chelsea - Birmingham in the FA Cup. Then this tweet from the official Wigan Athletic account comes flashing by:

(Twitter's new embed feature is pretty crap, by the way)

And in my half-asleep state, I think: Vacancy? Did Roberto Martinez leave? CAN ASTON VILLA HIRE ROBERTO MARTINEZ?!?

Alas, it is just Wigan needing match day hospitality staff. Not exactly sure why they need hospitality staff -- maybe they're attempting to have a one-to-one ratio of staff to supporters?

The logical part of my brain says Alex McLeish isn't going anywhere, not this season, not the next. But I can't help but feel a flicker of hope. Hope that, one day, I might actually enjoy watching my beloved club play again.