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Aston Villa's Newest Signing Is Quite Literally For The Birds

It's not quite the Robbie Keane replacement or deep-lying midfielder we were all hoping for back in January, but it's still pretty bad-ass; Aston Villa have enlisted to help of a hawk to keep crows and magpies away from the Villa Park pitch. And before you go saying "wow it must be a slow news day" you should go look at that picture; hawks are awesome and were I an opposing striker I'd be way more scared of that thing than of Stephen Warnock. (Also: yes, it's a slow news day. They all will be until the Qataris show up. Two more weeks!)

I do find it a bit odd that such a magnificent bird of prey has been branded with a name like "Gee" though; it's a bit like adopting a pet tiger and naming him Bruce. On the other hand, maybe that's the point; you can't let dangerous animals get too full of themselves. Perhaps pit bulls would cause fewer problems if they weren't all named "Cujo" or "Throat Shredder."

One big question I have; does this mean we have to play Newcastle at St. James' Park twice next season, or will they forfeit their scheduled trip to Villa Park?