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Friday Feedback: Aston Villa's Biggest Disappointment

Last week we looked at who was Aston Villa's biggest surprise just over 1/3 of the way through the season. This week, we flip the table.

Scott Heavey

Last week, if you'll recall, we had the cheeriest Friday Feedback imaginable, as we looked at who has been Aston Villa's biggest surprise in this still-young season. This week, we're going to pull a 180, and make sure that you all leave here a little more sad than you came. Sound familiar to anything you've watched a few times this season?

What can we say, we're truly Villa 'til We Die.

This Week's Question: Who (or what) has been Aston Villa's biggest disappointment this season?

As always, you'll find our answers below. Perhaps we can find yours in the comments if you can spare us a few words?

Matt: This answer is going to pain me. For me, it's Marc Albrighton. I mean I love Marc. I own his shirt. And it's the only Villa one I have that I wear regularly. (The reason for that is that Ash Young and Milner are the other two I own.) But this season, he just really hasn't done anything. He was injured at the start of the season, and you could maybe attribute his early disappointing performances to that, but he hasn't been particularly good at any point so far. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go put on my Albrighton shirt and rock back and forth in the corner.

Andrew: I'll go a route that won't step on anyone's toes and say that I'm disappointed in Joe Bennett. Last year I harped on our shitty fullbacks a lot and then Paul Lambert came in and seemed to completely agree and brought in new ones. It was cool because Lambert is a good judge of young talent and the fullbacks were young. Matt Lowton has been pretty good. Joe Bennett has been bad and hurt. I fully realize he's got plenty of time to improve and I hope he does. But so far he's not been very good at Aston Villa.

Robert: Not entirely sure if this counts, but I'm going to go with Darren Bent. I know it's not really his fault, but coming into the season, we all assumed that even if everything else was bad, at least we've got one of England's premier goal scorers up front. Thus far? 9 matches, 2 goals, and a paltry 18 shots. He can't help that Paul Lambert seems intent on sitting him. Nor can he help the fact that in the matches he has played, he's received no service. But man, the fact that Darren Bent is not prolifically scoring goals like we all expected is a huge disappointment to me.

[For Gareth and Kirsten, please accept this amusing email exchange as their answers:]

Gareth: Has N'Zogbia played enough to qualify as disappointing? I can write yet another thing about how sad he makes me.

Kirsten: 7 games, three starts. I was going to compare that to Bennett, but Soccernet doesn't even have him listed as a Villan.

Gareth: Soccernet has a good sense of humor.

And that's it for us. Please regale us with your answers in the comments!