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Darren Bent injured against Norwich City

Paul Lambert gave Darren Bent his first start since the Fulham match in October. Unfortunately for the striker, he injured himself after just 35 minutes.

Richard Heathcote

Although no one is able to view the League Cup match between Aston Villa and Norwich City, it's reached our ears that Darren Bent is hurt. Jack Woodward, via AVTV, was prompt in noting that Bent took a knock. Apparently it was an off the ball incident, and it seems he's done in his hamstring.

Bent returned to the starting lineup for the midweek match at Carrow Road, and managed to hit the post before 20 minutes were up. Unfortunately for the forward, he needed to leave the match after just 35 minutes, with Andreas Weimann coming on to take his place.

Poor Bent. Less than a half played gives him very little time to prove that he deserves a starting role in league matches. From a cynical point of view, that also gives Villa little opportunity to showcase him for a January transfer. But from what Jack noted, Bent seemed to be doing well up front, with Christian Benteke just behind. It would be nice to keep him at the club, if only for the different options it gives Villa.