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The week in football, October 29 - November 4

A quick glance through the week's action. How are the top leagues throughout the world shaking out?

Claudio Villa

Last week, we were down to just two leagues that boast undefeated sides -- or so I thought. Now, I am confident in saying that only two of our top seven leagues have unbeaten sides. For real this time. Read on to find out what happened.

Premier League

So, uh...turns out Manchester City are undefeated, and I can't read tables correctly. I guess when an unbeaten team is sitting in third they just don't look quite as impressive. Really, Roberto Mancini -- how do you draw four times with the talent you've got on your side? Someone needs to pull out the moneybags and get this team a real manager. For *&$% sake, they drew to West Ham, and the Irons even had a goal ruled out.

It's their cross town rivals that are on top this week, having beaten Arsenal 2-1 in one of the most boring matches I've ever had the displeasure of watching. But even though Manchester United didn't look all that great this weekend, it's still not going to be fun watching Aston Villa play them.

By the way, there were 16 goals in the Premier League this weekend. No side scored more than two.

La Liga

Barcelona join Manchester City as the only remaining undefeated side in the leagues that I can easily access. Atlético Madrid lost for the first time on Saturday, 2-0 to Valencia. Valencia had a man sent off in the 90th minute, yet still managed to score their second goal just before the whistle blew.

The big news from Barca was not their 3-1 over Celta Vigo but the news that Lionel Messi now has a son, Thiago. How soon until he's signed by Barcelona?

19 goals in La Liga this weekend, with seven of those coming from Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Bayern Munich returned to winning ways against Hamburg, winning 3-0. That puts them seven points clear of Schalke, who lost 3-2 to Hoffenheim. The Royal Blues came back to equalize twice, but had their hearts broken in injury time when Sven Schipplock gave Hoffenheim the winner.

Dortmund remains rather pathetic. Their 0-0 draw with Stuttgart means that Bayer Leverkusen were able to leapfrog them into fourth place with their win over Fortuna.

23 goals in Bundesliga -- and remember, they've got just nine matches rather than ten. Is it any wonder that it's so fun to watch German football?

Serie A

Big news from Serie A this weekend: Inter Milan came from behind in Turin to beat Juventus, 3-1. That broke Juve's 49 game unbeaten run and moved the nerazzurri to just a point off the top. Napoli, of course, failed to capitalize on the leaders' loss, choosing instead to execute the worst back pass in the history of ever and gift Torino a last-minute equalizer.

In case anyone is still convinced that the Italians are boring, Serie A provided 34 goals this weekend. AC Milan beat Chievo Verona 5-1, Catania trounced Lazio 4-0, Fiorentina triumphed 4-1 over Cagliari, and AS Roma didn't have a defensive meltdown for once, beating Palermo 4-1.

Ligue 1

St. Etienne were the ones to topple Paris Saint-Germain -- or perhaps we should say the fault lies with Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

If you're still curious after that, it was 27 Ligue 1 goals this weekend. Five came from Lyon, who trounced poor Bastia. And when Matt could watch in English, too.


Ok, I'm getting a little bored of writing that Twente are one point ahead of PSV. It's rather amusing, though, that Ajax have fallen to fifth, and haven't won a league match since the end of September. But if they're saving it all up to beat Manchester City this week, I'm behind this strategy.

27 from the Dutch, too -- and again, they've got just nine matches. How about we start calling England boring, instead?