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The reason Bent didn't travel to Sunderland?

Chill out, conspiracy theorists. It's a foot injury.

Matthew Lewis

Stand down, everyone! The reason Darren Bent didn't travel to Sunderland is because he injured his foot in training on Friday. At least, that's what the official Aston Villa twitter gives as the reason.

Is anyone buying the official club line? Darren Bent's made it clear that he does not appreciate being left on the bench. This trip to the Stadium of Light would require him facing his former club as a substitute -- a big ego crusher for almost anyone, but particularly for the player that caused the Villa to pluck down a record amount of cash.

This could be just another foot injury. Or it could be that we'll never again see Benty starting in a Villa kit. What seems more likely? Let us know.

Oh, there's also the third option: he and Chris Herd stayed behind to duel over the Australian's girlfriend. I hope they use horses and lances.