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Darren Bent Didn't Travel To Sunderland

It's not apparent whether the Aston Villa striker is injured or sulking, but we do know he didn't make the trip to the Stadium of Light.

Michael Regan

Anyone feel as though Aston Villa is more of a soap opera than a football club these days? We've already been dealing with the rumors of Darren Bent being on his way out, of having rows with Paul Lambert, of generally spending much of his time pouting. But today we get the news that Bent hasn't even traveled to the Stadium of Light.

Is Bent injured? Or is he just not ready to face his former club from the bench? If it's his pride that's hurting, we're probably seeing the end of Darren in a Villa kit. His relationship with Lambert isn't good, he's not prolific in front of goal, and we're still in position to get a bit of money back if the Villa sell him off.

We'll keep an eye out for more news on Bent-Gate, and pass it on as soon as we're able. Perhaps he just needed to do a bit of shopping?