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Darren Bent to join Queens Park Rangers?

The Aston Villa striker has been linked to Liverpool and Fulham, but it's far more likely that QPR will pursue Bent.

Ian Walton

As it becomes clearer and clearer that we will never see Darren Bent in an Aston Villa kit again (unless he alters his shirt to read "Benteke," of course) we can expect a flood of rumors over the next couple months, musing on where the forward will go next. First up: Queens Park Rangers.

Well, of course QPR are a likely contender -- they're not afraid to spend money and it doesn't matter how old the player is. They're bottom of the table and desperate for a way to stay up, just as Villa was in January two seasons past, when they bought Bent.

But now that QPR have put Harry Rednapp in charge, you'd think Bent wouldn't be linked to the side. After all, Rednapp told the press his wife could have scored the header Bent failed to capitalize upon in Tottenham Hotspur's draw with Portsmouth in 2009. But apparently 'Arry doesn't have much to work with, and is willing to bring Bent on board.

And Bent is desperate. Who wouldn't be, after falling so far from grace that you're stuck sitting in the stands while a pair of 21-year-olds take your place? The mercenary will be quite willing to go to whatever side will soothe his fragile ego.

I'd rather see Bent stick around as a substitute, but it's apparent that such a solution won't be worked out. In that case, QPR seem like the best bet: they're panicking, they've got cash and "proven" Englishmen always go for more money in January. Might as well capitalize on it.