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Friday Feedback: That For Which We Are Thankful

The writers of 7500 to Holte take an American turn this week and - in the spirit of Thanksgiving - tell us what they're thankful for.

Stu Forster

This week, we're taking a US holiday as our inspiration for Friday Feedback. Apologies to Gareth (Canadian) and most of our readers (English), but Thanksgiving seemed like as good of time as any to take a pause from the often overwhelming negativity of the football season and mention that for which we're thankful.

To that end, here is this week's Friday Feedback question: Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States. I know it's been a rough season, but what about Aston Villa are you thankful for?

Andrew: I'm thankful for Paul Lambert. I realize the start isn't exactly what we'd like but he's got a vision and I really like where he's taking the club. If people aren't able to sustain a few lumps along the way and can't handle the others pointing and claiming that relegation is in the cards that's too bad for them. I have no doubts not only will Villa stay up but they'll be quite safe come May.

Kirsten: I am thankful that Barry Bannan is finally starting! (I reserve the right to take back this thankfulness if something changes at the weekend)

Gareth (who, I should remind you, is Canadian. They celebrated Thanksgiving on October 8): I'm considering protesting this question by saying something I was thankful for in October. Although I'm drawing a blank.

Matt: I am thankful from having an actual manager and not he who shall not be named. I am also thankful that I have a place like 7500, where I can talk about my nonsensical thoughts about AVFC and not be called crazy. Actually, most of you people probably think I'm crazy. But in a "laughing with" and not "laughing at" sort of way. Yeah, guys I'm crazy.

Robert: I'm thankful for the fact that Christian Benteke seems to be silencing all of his doubters, and that he is part of a new wave of hope at Aston Villa. Things may not be perfect now, but they're already getting much better. It's something!

All of Us: I (Robert) didn't clear this by everyone, but I think I can safely say that one of the things for which we are all most thankful is having you, the dedicated readers who make this blog so much fun to write for. It would be easy to despair as Villa fans, but it's heartening to know that we've always got a group of people who are going through the very same things that we are.

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Leave your thankful items in the comments below!