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Friday Feedback: Are you Villa in disguise?

The writers of Aston Villa blog 7500 to Holte give their thoughts on the players' Halloween costumes.

Matthew Lewis

So, Robert took off to New Orleans this week and left the rest of us in charge of Friday Feedback. Realizing that no one else can ever think of a question -- and that we're barely capable of managing to copy and paste from email into a blog post -- he popped back to give us this one:

Halloween was on Wednesday. Give us your best guess as to what one of the Aston Villa players dressed up as.

Aaron: Darren Bent dressed up as Stephen Warnock.

Andrew: I think Christian Benteke must have dressed as a common Belgian street punk because that's the general opinion of him held by those who claim to know him best.

Gareth: Brett Holman put a lot of effort into a costume and it still won't be all that good.

(also, Gareth would like to remind everyone that seeing Clint Dempsey miss a penalty was his favourite moment of this week's round of the League Cup)

Kirsten: Barry Bannan goes as Toad and Marc Albrighton as Yoshi.
Wait, does Toad ever ride Yoshi?

(Matt says he does in Super Mario for Wii and I trust Matt completely).
(Also, this wasn't meant to be as dirty as it sounds upon reading it again. I swear)

Matt: Although it's not a costume, Darren Bent will wear a "I'm With Stupid" shirt and stand as awkwardly close to Paul Lambert as he can get without the manager seeing him. Oh, and Stephen Ireland will go as slutty referee.

Robert: I think Brad Guzan took off his shirt, got some green cargo pants, a fishing pole, and a floppy hat, and dressed up as Vladimir Putin. The problem was, he managed to fool a lot of people and came into control of a major world power: the USMNT.

Click that Putin link. Really.

If anyone has actually come across any players in costume, for goodness sake, share.