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Christian Benteke Loves Arsenal, Chachi, Perhaps Dozens Of Others

As Christian Benteke basks in his glorious form the fickle fans of Aston Villa have already begun to caterwaul into the wind about his impending move to one of the bigger clubs in England. Instead of enjoying what has been a stellar purchase and a player who is a rising star in Europe the ever pessimistic Villa support fills with trepidation as the world takes notice of the young Belgian and future glories come calling.

Scott Heavey

Not just two days ago I noticed a groundswell of Aston Villa fans beginning to realize that Christian Benteke might be, in some perverted way of thinking, too good for this club. When the club rolled the dice on the young Belgian the overwhelming story was that he was a raw prospect who would likely struggle more than he succeeded. In other words people thought he might not be good enough. Now he's too damn good and we're convinced that it's a matter of time before Manchesters City and United, Arsenal, Spurs or Chelsea come knocking.

And just as I found myself trying to let people know the wonderful peace of mind one can achieve by simply enjoying the current form of our new striker this piece of sensationalist garbage scuttled across the dregs of the Internet and onto my laptop. Of course soon after the Express & Star picked up on it as well. I haven't heard him speak but as a native of the Congo and then spending his time in Belgium I don't think it's a stretch to say Benteke's English is not great. This interview is apparently from a Belgian source and I can't verify the translation used. It also sounds like I'm making excuses.

Here's the point: Villa fans have been through a lot of hardship over the last few seasons. Our most talented players have been sold off in their prime. There have been flirtations with relegation. We are jaded. This whole thing reminds me of the dreaded conversation some people feel the need to have with their significant others:

"What's your number? You know...the number?"

"Only if you promise not to get mad."

"No, I will pretend I'm not mad but I'll seethe about it for days and not speak to you while I murder you in my mind."

"Ok, because it's a huge number. Like multiple zeroes here."

Guess what? Christian Benteke grew up, just like most people that aren't from England, and supported (gasp!) one of the world's most recognizable clubs from one of the world's biggest cities. How many kids grow up in the Congo dreaming of playing for Aston Villa? Maybe there's some insane kid who had a childhood vision that he would one day "be a hero to the people of the shopping mall with the giant bull".

Let's understand that a journalist may have twisted an innocent interview to prey on the fears of Aston Villa fans everywhere. Let's understand that the Sun is not fit to clean up truck stop spunk let alone set us on edge. Let's understand that Christian Benteke is an Aston Villa player and that he wasn't a fan growing up and it doesn't matter at all. Let's understand that this article is just as unflattering to Benteke as it is to Villa.

"Uh, I didn't even know what England was. I thought London was a country and Arsenal was the King and this sundae tastes like dirt oh it is dirt I'm eating dirt right now because I'm a complete idiot." - Fake Quote Benteke Would Never Say

If Benteke really did want to play for Arsenal someday he's going to have to keep playing the way he is for Aston Villa. That means we're going to see Villa win a lot more games than they'll lose. That's a good reason to smile. Ambition is a good thing.

As one would guess, Paul Lambert and Benteke have both come out and said the story is trash with Lambert calling it "stitched up" and "naughty" which are awesome descriptive terms that I could never get away with using for anything.

Can't we enjoy anything without waiting for the other shoe to drop?