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VIDEO: Weimann Scores Second, Chicharito Adds two, Villa and Man U Tied 2-2

Andreas Weimann will not be stopped. He scored his second goal minutes after the whistle to begin the second half. A great run up the left by Gabby Agbonlahor followed by an even better pass put Andi in the position to hammer the ball into the back of the net. Even prettier than the first goal, since this was all finesse.

Moving pictures, of course:


And another view:


Unfortunately for Villa, Javier Hernandez - who was a halftime sub for Ashley Young - added one for United a few minutes later.


Not much that Brad Guzan could do about that. Nor was there much he could do about Hernandez' second goal, which came as the result of some rancid Villa defending:


This match has been amazing so far, and if you aren't watching find a way to do so. I am shaking from adrenaline and this is just oh my god what is happening....