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Aston Villa vs. Manchester United, open thread: Come chat away your worries

First place Manchester United come to Villa Park on Saturday, where Aston Villa are still thrilled with picking up all three points last weekend. Can the Villans take anything from United?

I have no idea why this photo is available but I love it.
I have no idea why this photo is available but I love it.
Phil Cole

Hey guys! We ready for Aston Villa to take on Manchester United? Are we? Are we? It's always fun when a club hovering just above the relegation zone takes on the team at the top. Especially since Villa always come back against United and take points at the last minute. Oh yes, everything will be glorious.

Excuse me while I go slip some more whiskey in my coffee.

Of course, others aren't quite as panicked as I am. This could be because no one finds it worth getting into a tither over United, as it's just a given we aren't taking points. Or it's because they believe that the Red Devils (do people really call them that? Like with a straight face?) have some weaknesses that Villa could exploit.

Which way do you lean? Are you keeping calm and carrying on? Or are you spiking your tea? Whichever way, stick around and chat awhile.

TV: Sky Sports 2 (UK), Fox Sports (USA)