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Saxons Big Win Puts Them in 2nd with League's Best GD

Stockport Sports FC beat AFC Blackpool 3-0 this weekend, giving the club sole possession of 2nd place in the NWCFL.

Stockport Sports FC

I've got a lot of disparate Stockport Sports FC news for today, and no overarching narrative to link it all. You know what that means, don't you? Bullet points!

  • On Saturday, the Saxons got the big win they were looking for as they stomped AFC Blackpool 3-0 in Stockport. The Mechs weren't able to deny Stockport the revenge it was seeking for a loss earlier in the season. Full back Josh Symons opened his account for the season when he put back a ball that had rebounded off the keeper from a John Marsden shot in the 20th minute. 17 minutes later, Marsden would add one of his own, though this was the result of a penalty. The foul came against Gomez Dali, who was returning for the first time since the season's opening matches.

    The Saxons were able to hold on to a comfortable lead, and even tacked on a third in the second half as Matthew Ward hit what was an apparently gorgeous 25-yard left footed shot. Dali was sent off late in the match, but according to the report, that did nothing to stop the Saxon's momentum.

    The win gave the club three points and put them in 2nd place in the NWCFL. It was their sixth straight match without a loss, and puts them in great form heading into this weekend's match.
  • As for this weekend's match, Stockport have to travel to Bootle to face The Bucks in the first round of the FA Vase competition. What's the FA Vase you may ask? (Well, I asked, at least.) It's sort of the FA Cup with realistic expectations for clubs that are in the eighth tier or below in the English football system. The final of the competition is played at Wembley, and I say realistic expectations because despite the fact that teams like Stockport can play in the FA Cup, they can't honestly expect to make it to Wembley. This competition though? This is distinctly possible.

    Unfortunately, as I mentioned, Stockport have to travel to face Bootle. The league table right now is a bit misleading, since Bootle have played four fewer matches than the Saxons and sit a mere two points behind. The Bucks are quite possibly the best team in the league, and it's a tough place to start a cup vase run. That said, Stockport have been one of the most in-form teams in the league recently, and they may be able to pull off the upset. I am legitimately thrilled to find out that they have a chance for Wembley, and I really hope they go all the way.

    It's worth checking out the Stockport website all week, by the way, as they'll have different takes on what the Vase means to those involved with the club.
  • The NWCFL has gotten themselves a new website, and it's pretty spiffy. Check it out here.
  • From that website, it's interesting to note that John Marsden is the league's second-leading scorer with 15 goals. He's two behind Chris Smith, but if we count only league goals, Marsden has the two-goal lead.
  • Stockport's next match is the aforemention FA Vase tilt against Bootle. Kickoff is at 1500 GMT on Saturday, so be sure to follow along on twitter. Up the Saxons!