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Joe Benett's Injury Hopefully Not Serious, Still Really Gross

Any time a player leaves the pitch on a stretcher, people are going to be concerned. Typically, not being able to walk is a very bad thing for professional athletes. So the tweet below offers some news that, while it should be taken with cautious optimism, is quite good:

So, doesn't sound as though Bennett did any serious damage to his knee, which is definitely a relief. But when Kendrick says that Bennett "has a gash just below his knee" he really, really isn't kidding. Remember that thing that happened to Wayne Rooney that everyone had a hard time describing without becoming nauseous? Well, this is grosser. We don't know if it's quite as serious, but man. If you would like to see a photo of Bennett's injury, you can do so below. But it's really unpleasant. If you decide to go ahead, just be glad you were warned rather than seeing it pop up unannounced in your Twitter feed.

Click here for a really gross photo of Joe Bennett's knee.