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Photo: Entire World Watches Tottenham-Aston Villa

In a lighter note from today's match, I have to share this sight from just after the second half began. The cameras cut first to Paul Lambert, seeming content on the bench, and then flashed to André Villas-Boas. He stood there, looking like the handsome dude that he is (note: AVB has to be the most handsome manager in the EPL, right?). But then, out of nowhere, the entire world showed up over his shoulder. It was disturbing, and it must have been quite some pressure on AVB know that the whole world was watching his every move:


This may be the strangest thing I've seen at a football match in ages.

And also: it was wonderful. The world just seems to be aghast at what it has seen. Worth noting: no one in the stands seems the slightest bit phased by the Earth walking past them. I guess when you routinely see Gareth Bale's attempts at acting, nothing can phase you.