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Video: Tottenham score two to make it 2-0

Steven Caulker was on the lucky end of a Jermaine Defoe shot. The ball really ought to have been Defoe's goal, but it glanced off Caulker's heel. Either way, the score stands at Tottenham 1-0 Aston Villa after the 56th minute strike.

You can see the goal here:


A few minutes later, Aaron Lennon sent a ball through the Aston Villa defense and into the side of the net to make it Tottenham 2-0 Aston Villa.


Aston Villa haven't looked to seriously threaten at all in the match, and one hopes they can pick up the pressure. Darren Bent and Charles N'Zogbia are now on, but things look pretty dire. It'll be a severely uphill battle to claw back into the match.

It's worth noting that Christian Benteke missed two pretty easy chances earlier in the match. Expect a massive uproar over the benching of Darren Bent to start the match again.