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Aston Villa vs. Norwich: Full time, 1-1 as Norwich get a point against 10 man Villa

Aston Villa went down a man in the 55th minute, but Norwich could only manage an equalizer in this match between two dreadful sides.

Scott Heavey

Aston Villa managed to preserve a point against Norwich City today, but that's about all that can be said about this dismal 1-1 draw. Around the 88th minute, aliens tried to take over Fox Soccer Channel to prevent transmission of the match, but unfortunately they didn't succeed, and we were forced to watch all four minutes of extra time.

Aaron will be along to give a detailed match report, but here are the basics:

  • Aston Villa showed no ability to pass. None. I'm not sure if they can see dead people or what, because their balls were going into empty space and no one came along to follow them up.
  • Somehow, though, Christian Benteke managed to score before 30 minutes were up. Norwich's center-backs were lost, but that doesn't diminish the Belgian's excellent finish.
  • Joe Bennett got himself sent off with 35+ minutes left to play for getting a second yellow. It was likely not a card-worthy offense, but when you're already on a yellow you can't put a finger wrong, and when Phil Dowd's in charge, you gotta be absolutely invisible.
  • Norwich equalized in the 79th minute off a quickly-taken corner. There was nothing Brad Guzan could have done -- if it weren't for him, Villa wouldn't have had even a point -- but man, the side should've been able to defend that.
  • Andi Weimman is fun. What? I want to end with something happy