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VIDEO: Michael Turner scores for Norwich, match tied 1-1

Joe Bennett received his second yellow card in the 52nd minute, and Aston Villa just haven't looked the same since. It looked as if perhaps the defense would put in a glorious effort, but it was all undone when Norwich took a short and quick 79th minute corner. Wes Hoolahan took the pass from the corner and rifled it into the box, where Michael Turner put his head on it and sent it past Brad Guzan.

It seems an unfair goal for Guzan to allow, as he has been brilliant on the day. Thanks to some sloppy defending, though, there was nothing Guzan could do.

Chris Herd has since gone off injured (though he may return) and for a time, Villa are playing 9 against 11. It'll be a panicky final few minutes of the match, and Villa are looking increasingly as if they'll be lucky to snag one point.