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VIDEO: Christian Benteke Scores, Villa Lead 1-0

Christian Benteke may finally be finding his touch. After scoring twice in the international break, he slotted in a beautiful shot against Norwich in the 26th minute today. Brett Holman sent in a lovely cross, and Benteke managed an inside-out swing with his right foot that completely fooled the keeper into thinking it was heading the other way. Here, see for yourself:


And why not see that from another angle?


There is nothing wrong with that goal. It's not breathtaking, but it's exactly the type of chance that a striker SHOULD be finishing off. No sending it over the bar or a million miles wide. If Benteke can keep converting these chances, fans will adore him in absolutely no time.

And finally, my favorite part of this: Paul Lambert is just astoundingly happy!


The goal, of course, comes against his former team at a time when many are vocally questioning if Lambert brings what Villa need to the table. This really has to feel good.