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VOTE: Is Aston Villa Being Handled Well?

It's week 10 of the 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Poll. Let us know how you feel about Aston Villa by voting below!

Clive Rose

Things are trending downward for our beloved Villa. They lost this weekend, and even before that you cast your votes and showed that you have less confidence in the team than at any other time except before the transfer window closed. Harsh. But, I'm not sure if it's entirely unjustified. Things really haven't been going well this season. Yes, they are a rebuilding team, but the moments of brightness have been outshined by some pretty bad play.

Nevertheless, we gather together to vote once more, and say how we feel about our club. Before we can get there, though, we have to unveil last week's results, and to do so, please welcome THIS WEEK'S FANFARE.

Official 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Table

Week Votes Confidence Rating
1 341 3.605
2 110 3.108
3 186 4.011
4 118 3.915
5 92 4.239
7 89 3.888
8 202 3.535
9 135 3.326

That's a pretty sad number, and if I were a betting man, I'd say that this week will probably be sadder still. Nevertheless, we'll never know unless you vote! So do so below!