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VOTE: Is Aston Villa Being Handled Well?

It's week 9 of the 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Poll. Let us know how you feel about Aston Villa by voting below!

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

I contemplated not running the poll this week, since Aston Villa have done absolutely nothing. But voter turnout was so high last week that I'd be crazy if I didn't. So we've got yet another poll, and yet another fanfare to announce the week's results.

And to celebrate the Week 8 results, we begin in the traditional manner, with THIS WEEK'S FANFARE.

Official 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Table

Week Votes Confidence Rating
1 341 3.605
2 110 3.108
3 186 4.011
4 118 3.915
5 92 4.239
7 89 3.888
8 202 3.535

After the loss at Tottenham, that dip seems pretty darn fair to me. For the record, I have yet to change my vote this season, as I'm trying to take a more long-term (and less week-to-week) approach. Nevertheless, I've never specified how people should vote, and vagaries based on each week's results are to be expected.

However, if there is significant change this week, I will be utterly perplexed. Vote below!