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VOTE: How confident are you in Aston Villa?

Let us know how you're feeling about the club by voting below!

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

We're back with another edition of the 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Poll, the poll in which you vote to tell us how confident you feel about the team. Really, I'm not sure why I bother explaining it. It's got a pretty descriptive title as it is. Maybe we should have the "7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Poll Title Confidence Poll" at some point.

Anyhow, let's get to the results from week 7. I'm contemplating finding a different fanfare to announce the results every week. The idea here is that you click on the link to the fanfare, listen to it, and then look at the results. Good? Here we go: THIS WEEK'S FANFARE.*

*I am 90% certain that only Ted Harwood will enjoy this part of the post.

Official 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Table

Week Votes Confidence Rating
1 341 3.605
2 110 3.108
3 186 4.011
4 118 3.915

5 92 4.239
7 89 3.888

Well that drop is to be expected I guess, though since 4.239 was pretty unsustainably high. Let's see how we're all feeling heading into the international break. Vote below, and if you'd like answer this week's question in the comments. I'll be intrigued to see if the Darren Bent drama has any impact of the results.

This week's question for the comments - Fanfares: good idea, bad idea?