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Thierry Henry Scores In FA Cup To Put Arsenal Through To The Fourth Round

Here is Henry not scoring.
Here is Henry not scoring.

Thierry Henry, back with Arsenal while New York Red Bulls are in the offseason, scored the only goal against Leeds United in the third round of the FA Cup, knocking out the Championship side. The goal, which was clearly preordained by the football gods as legions of fans welcomed the Frenchman back to the Emirates, is significant to Aston Villa fans because, of course, that means our beloved boys will travel to London to face the Gunners in the fourth round.

Prior to the goal, Leeds had focused on Arsenal's abilities to shoot themselves in the foot. Which, of course, they did, with Francis Coquelin injured early in the match, and Andrei Arshavin acting like, well, a crazy Russian.

While Arsenal are fifth in the Premier League, they're certainly not unstoppable. The Villa kept things close when the Gunners visited in December, with only a last-minute goal -- from a corner, of course -- allowing Arsenal to take all three points. And we all remember the last time Villa visited the Emirates. So, all in all, this isn't the worst draw we could have had.

Plus, I really don't want to look at those Leeds kits for 90+ minutes.