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FA Cup Fourth Round Draw: Aston Villa To Face...Arsenal Or Leeds

The excitement! The anticipation of the draw! The thankfulness that Blackburn Rovers cannot be our opponents! Oh my goodness, let's just get on with it and tell us who Aston Villa will face in the fourth round of the FA Cup...

Arsenal or Leeds. Away.

Some of us are just glad it's not Chelsea, quite frankly. But on the other hand, um...Arsenal or Leeds? The one match that hasn't been played yet, and let's face it, the Gunners are likely to win at home. Yes, sometimes Leeds slay the giants, but Arsenal need this trophy, and with Thierry Henry around to save them, they're going to win on Monday.

So let's call it what it is -- an away date at the Emirates, facing one of the top sides. Hey, that whole play League Two sides was fun while it lasted.

Anyone else kind of missing Blackburn Rovers right now? No? Just me then?