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Robbie Keane To Aston Villa: This Time, It's Real

His expression fits right in.
His expression fits right in.

Every time the transfer window creaks open, Aston Villa fans are treated to the same damn story: Robbie Keane is on his way to the club. Unfortunately, this time the cursed transfer rumour appears to be true. Alex McLeish wants to bring Keane to Villa for a few months, on loan from LA Galaxy.

Villa want Keane in time for the Everton match, probably just for the drama of seeing him play against teammate Landon Donovan. But what's he going to do? Sit on the bench? Can we say "Robert Pires"?

Granted, the loan has very little risk involved -- this is not a Jenas deal. It seems most likely that Keane will be a substitute striker looking to stay match fit for LA's winter CONCACAF matches.

And, of course, the signing of Keane fits perfectly with the ethos of Aston Villa: 31-year-old from Britain/Ireland who has plenty of Premier League experience. Never mind that the club are in a safe position right now, and could be using that position to give a few minutes to the likes of Nathan Delfouneso and Andi Weimann. Then again, this just might fuel the rumours of Darren Bent off to Liverpool...

Now, how long until Keane lets us know that he was a boyhood supporter of the Villa?