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Transfer Window: You Get Nothing, Aston Villa Fans


It's typically Arsenal fans who bitch and moan about being left out on Transfer Window Deadline Day, but we Aston Villa supporters are stuck with nothing as well.

"I’ve totally ignored the transfer deadline. I keep saying we’ve got a wage bill to manage and we’ve not really wavered from that," said Alex McLeish.

So, despite the fact that there are, what, six more hours to go until that transfer window slams shut, we've got nothing to do but sit around and speculate on what other clubs are doing. And let me tell you, that's absolutely thrilling.

But let's think back to the last transfer window deadline. Villa picked up Jermaine Jenas from Spurs on loan, and he hurt himself in his second appearance. And then there's our favorite Villan, Alan Hutton. How many goals has he allowed, thus far?

With Alex McLeish's track record, I'm not entirely sure I'd welcome the news that he has someone in his sights. After all, we were chasing Kris Boyd, and he ended up at Portland Timbers. While the MLS might be moving up in the world, we want to pick their promising young stars, not the rejects who land there because there's nowhere else to go. The transfer window might not be exciting for the Villa, but perhaps that's a good thing.