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Arsenal 3 Asto, Oh who cares

I know right, Mick?
I know right, Mick?

Well that sucked.

Actually, the first half was awesome. The second half sucked.

Despite Arsenal bossing the game early, two goals before halftime, from Richard Dunne and Darren Bent, had Villa fans dreaming about a deep Cup run.

Some horrific defending early in the second half killed those dreams, then dug up the body and killed it more.

Some Positives

  • Gabby looked good again before having to come off.
  • Stephen Ireland continued to not look like complete garbage.
  • We scored from a corner...sort of.
  • In the game thread, we learned of the virtues of the Aston Villa bread press.
  • Robbie Keane continues to look great. For as much as I always hated when we would get linked to him, I really wish he would stay longer now.

Some Negatives

  • Alan Hutton
  • We gave away two penalties. The first one was a old school Richard Dunne special.
  • Alan Hutton
  • Alan Hutton

Considering the shambolic nature of this performance, here's my suggestion for our lineup next week.


(Andy Marshall has to play goal too.)